All you party animals out there, you are probably looking forward to spending all the money that you save in clubs that can give you a better nightlife. So in this article, we will see the top 4 luxurious nightclubs in the world that you will have to see at least once if you love going to nightlife clubs. The only thing that you have to make sure is that you have a fat wallet or you will simply go bankrupt. So with no further delay, let us get to the list of nightclubs that are probably luxurious than any other nightclub that you have ever seen.

 Luxurious Nightclubs

Hakkasan, Las Vegas:

Hakkasan Club is a part of the MGM Grand Hotel that is located in the city of Las Vegas. The whole city of Las Vegas is known for night-long parties and fun, and it is always the Hakkasan club that tops the lists, not just in terms of fun but also in terms of luxury. Though you hardly find a commoner, it is one common place where a lot of celebrities and rich ones meet to host a party. Right from private party halls to open space with DJs you everything here. Speaking of which it is important to note that Hakkasan shelters some of the best DJs in the world.

La Fira Club, Spain:

If party freaks have to touch one place on the map where they would love to go quite often, then most of them would obviously pick Spain. If I have to be a little more location-specific, it is always Barcelona in Spain.  One of the most luxurious clubs in the whole of Spain is the La Fira Club that is known for the best nightlife parties and fun. The best thing about La Fira Club is that the place is a blend of conventional and modern style.

Cavalli, Dubai:

Of course, we cannot elude Dubai when we talk about the expensive ones across the globe, even if it something as common as a nightlife club. The Cavalli club that is located in Dubai is a three-storied club along with an Italian restaurant. It is one of the wealthiest malls in the world and needless to say that only the big shots of the world hang out and party here.

Halikarnas Club, Turkey:

If you are a party freak with a big wallet and you haven’t seen Halikarnas Club, located in the heart of Turkey, then you have probably wasted a large part of your life. Forget about the fun part, most of the first timers forget that as well. This is because the Halikarnas Club is not only a testament to fun but also a place with architectural beauty. It can contain up to 10000 people in one go. Being one of the luxurious clubs in the world it is quite surprising that is packed with people all the time. It is quite a disappointment that the club is temporarily closed for renovation.