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Get your own Ticketing solution and sell tickets to your guests directly from your RNL Company or Event Pages. Create discounted tickets or run promotions to increase nightly sales, while packing the house. Offer RSVP registration for free events and build your marketing lists. Automatically send your customers ETickets (we don’t like to waste trees) whenever a ticket purchase is made.



The Survey is in. Your customers don’t want to call you to make table reservations. They feel more comfortable going online, picking their desired tables and making their own reservations. Meet your customers’ needs with our Table Reservation System w/Seating Chart. Set Table Minimums & Deposits, Dynamically Price Tables, Block VIP Tables and More!



Generate instant Company & Event Pages that showcase your Venue, Promotions Company, (or just you) & Events online and allow you to reach the millions of nightlife fans that are on the Web & Social Media each minute. The big dogs are doing it, why should’t you? Let us customize your company page to match your brand or build you a fresh, nightlife website for a small fee (contact us for the details)


Say good-bye to pen and paper host stand and management. RNL lets you streamline your host-stand and check-in and manage guests automatically when they arrive, saving you time and money all in one easy to use application.

Track your sales, event performance, guest check-ins from one central dashboard. We know being in charge can be busy on you, let us help you organize.

Always on the go? No problem. RNL works on all mobile devices, allowing you to create a new event or check your sales for the week on your mobile phone and tablet while at your favorite coffee shop or Bar.



Our user friendly event management solution will help you build contact lists at your events. RNL is enabled to store the basic contact details of all your guests along with social media profile integration. With more guests now able to find your events, you can grow your mailing lists like never before.


With our social media posting feature, you can easily promote your events to a growing database of customers on Facebook (Instagram Coming Soon!). Also, let your event go viral with share icons on all of your icons. We want to make sure you’re seen!


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Say goodbye to waiting until the end of your event to get paid. We give you the option of getting paid within just 2 business days.

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Reserve Nightlife is a team of Tech, Marketing and Business folks that love Nightlife. Our mission is to help you manage and grow your nightlife business like never before, using a combination of the latest online technologies and ninja-like market research. We are working hard to create some great and exciting products for you, including the RNL APP which will be launching soon. But trust you can always count on us for unrivaled support and service on your nightlife business.


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“You guys are amazing. Ever since we’ve started using RNL to offer special event tickets and table reservations from our website we’ve seen an increase in our sales and our customers love the service. We’ve also been able to jump start and grow our marketing lists, something we struggled with for quite some time..Thank you for being such great partners”


In short, we provide you lots of great tools to manage and grow your nightlife business in the digital age and we are just getting started.


At RNL you don’t only get a technology solution, you also get partners that are committed to the success of your nightlife business


We know nightlife. Our application is created by nightlife people with nightlife professionals like you in mind.

Is CBD effective for workouts?

cbd vape pen

cbd penThe use of cannabis continues to grow in status as a big and emerging global commodity and in its vast applications and use to cure lots of ailments and illnesses. But the big question remains: How do you take CBD compounds? I have seen many people struggle with the various options and methods that CBD intake offers. If you desire to know the best intake method for you, you should read this article to the end.

Main methods for the intake of CBD in the body

Inhalation of the CBD: by smoking or the use of vaping pens
Intake of CBD oil by inhalation is the fastest way to get CBD oil into your body system; it takes less than 20 minutes for CBD effects to fill your system. If drugs are inhaled, they are assimilated straight in the brain, and this lead to a shorter time for effect. This makes it useful for acute pains and illnesses.

Smoking or vaping
Inhalation of CBD oil can be done by either vaporizing with vaping pens or by smoking. As there are many health conditions caused by smoking, CBD vaping is proving a better option of CBD inhalation. CBD vaping when compared to smoking has a shorter effect time, but allows higher absorption into the body system.

Blending CBD substances in foods or taking them as capsules
This method includes mixing CBD oil or capsules in your food or taking them alone. Ingested material or food passes from the intestines to the liver to be metabolized, so this method can take up to 2 hours before the effects of CBD is felt in the body.

Intake of CBD through edibles provides the longest effect periods of CBD in the human body when compared to other method of intake.

cbd penBy placing them sublingually or through oral mucosal tinctures
This method involves the use of droppers containing CBD oil; it absorbs the oil directly into the bloodstream of the body through capillary-rich areas that are present under the tongues in the gums and the cheeks. This method is quite faster than chewing or ingesting the CBD product as edibles, as they don’t follow normal digestive passages, and effects from the CBD commences in 15-30 minutes.

By Topical application
This is the most popular and the easiest method of CBD intake, and involves the use of ointments and rubs. In this method, CBD is not absorbed by the bloodstream, but by the affected area. Though the terpenes (non-psychoactive acids) might increase skin permeation, the absorption rate into the blood stream is negligible. CBD intake by Topical method produces the mildest effect of all consumption methods and the effects fade as quickly as it comes.

Also, there are other methods of CBD intake into the body, but they fall into one or more categories of the methods listed above (transdermal, water soluble, etc.).

cbd vape penConclusion
Intake of CBD oil and product is mostly a personal experience, so it is difficult to determine which method can be tagged the common “best”. The efficacy of CBD in the human body will differ from person to person. In fact, separate medical studies that have tagged each of the method above as the best method at different times and with different applications. So your best bet is to go through trial and error (in smaller dosages) and discover which method works best for your body system.

Can CBD Make Sex Better?

cbd and sex

cbd and sexAlong with its other advantages, CBD can also help you greatly in making your sex life better. Experts suggest that ingesting a moderate amount of CBD will help you last longer in the bed, which will ultimately improve your relationship with your partner. The relation between CBD and sex is well known and many people are using it these days. Using CBD intimacy oil is the most recommended method in this regard. Let’s have a look how CBD can make your sex experience better.

Role of CBD in affecting Libido:
Inside our body, we have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which have tiny receptors in it. According to some researches, these receptors are present in the testicles as well as in the brains. These receptors can be activated by a series of reactions that are triggered by the consumption of CBD. It results in an increased sexual urge, which is one of the main advantages of the CBD.

According to some researches CBD and sex have deep relation in between. CBD impacts the sexual performance positively by reducing anxiety. As many people are concerned about their performance on the bed, they can have anxiety, which reduces performance. Consuming CBD will reduce that anxiety hence increasing the sexual performance.

Tackling Erectile Dysfunction:
According to the study done by JCI Insight, a single dose of CBD can reduce blood pressure. This results in better blood flow in the whole body in general and in the penis, in particular, resulting in the long-lasting erection. This way, CBD can improve the performance on the bed.

cbd intimacy oilImproved Lubrication:
CBD intimacy oil is considered as the most efficient oil in providing lubrication during sex. Inadequate lubrication can make sex painful. This drives the need to add a proper lubricant, which can make the sex less painful and more enjoyable. Numerous manufacturers are making CBD lubricants solely for the purpose of using them in sex. Not only this, but many people have also been using the CBD before sex just because it is anti-inflammatory in nature which can result in deep breathing, improving the sexual performance at the end of the day.

Increase the Sex drive:
According to the FMRI pilot study, CBD consumption arouses the part of the brain, which helps increase the sexual drive. As your sexual drive increases, you will be able to enjoy sex more.

cbd intimacy oilMaking you more confident:
If you are a regular consumer of the CBD, using it before sex should be a must thing to do. Ignoring it can result in depression, which ultimately impacts the sex.

Similarly, if you are concerned about other things and are not focused on sex, you can completely destroy your experience. Consuming CBD will have a pleasant thing, and it will ultimately improve your experience in the bed. Having CBD has many advantages, and better sexual performance is just one of them. Never ignore this vital ingredient from your sexual life as it can transform your experience completely. Whether you are using CBD intimacy oil, or the CBD edible, having it will give you completely different insight and you will be able to perform well on the bed.

What to Consider When Starting a Wine Cellar

wine cooler fridge

wine cooler fridgeStarting a wine cellar is a dream of many wine enthusiasts. A wine cellar allows you to host elegant wine tastings and show off your collection. But starting a wine cellar is no small feat. Not only does it take a healthy budget, patience, and time, but it also requires a number of key considerations. So, before you start a wine cellar, be prepared to invest sufficient time and effort so that you can achieve the desired outcome.

Following are some things to consider when starting a wine cellar:

When it comes to the design of the cellar, aesthetics is not the only thing you need to consider. There are several things that go beyond this aspect. In general, there are two kinds of wine people: collectors and consumers. It is best to know which group or category you fit into and then go from there. For example, if you are starting a wine cellar in your home for the purpose of storing several bottles of red and white wine to merely look beautiful and to drink right away, then the design should go well beyond just an elegant wine cooler fridge. It should be functional.

Achieving the Ideal Conditions
Achieving the right conditions is crucial. There are several aspects you need to pay attention to. Some of the key aspects include cooling, humidity, and lighting. If you are starting a wine cellar for long term wine storage, then make sure to maintain a temperature of 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit as it is considered the ideal temperate for this purpose. A reliable wine fridge can help you achieve that.

wine cooler fridgeWhen it comes to humidity, wines do best at 50-70% humidity. You can achieve this condition with an air conditioner, wine cooler fridge, or a wine cooling system. For lighting, it is recommended that you use LEDs as they are low-heat lighting options that will help keep your wine cold. A soft light is also a good choice. Don’t forget to store the bottles on their side.

Number of Bottles to Store
Think of how many bottles of wine you want to store or keep in your wine cellar. It would be a good idea to go for twice the storage space so that there are no hassles when your cellar becomes full. Also keep in mind that not all bottles are the same when it comes to size.

wine fridgeReturn on Investment
If you are worried about return on investment, keep in mind that it depends on the cost of the property. If it is an expensive property, the bare minimum is a wine fridge. Adding such a feature into your home will definitely increase the market price and value of your property. Keep in mind that it also depends on the wine cellar’s complexity.

Final Thoughts

A wine cellar is not just an investment, it is an art as well. For many people, a wine cellar is a real source of pride and joy. So, whether you need a room dedicated to your portfolio of wine or a small cellar to start off your lavish wine collection, be sure to take the above-listed considerations into account before you begin.

Be Legally Knowledgeable – Know Your Legal Rights At A Nightclub!


When you think of fun, a nightclub is the first place coming to our mind, especially the party-poppers. The fact is, very few people are aware of the legalities applicable at a nightclub. Thus, you must know about the nightclub laws, whether you are a patron or a staff as a wrongful termination lawyer recommends.

1. Laws on Search at a Nightclub

When you buy a ticket for an event at a nightclub, you are going for an ‘implied consent waiver.’ This means you are agreeing to come to the place and search as per the nightclub’s rules. The fact whether the club gets you direct or implied consent, they should not go for an ‘overly invasive’ search. They may pat you down to find if you are carrying weapons, but are not supposed to touch you inside your underwear.

2. Steps to Take When Undergoing An ‘Overly Invasive’ Search

You have the right to speak out and tell them if you are not comfortable with such kind of a search. This is to give them a hint that you are not OK with them groping you. Ask them to let their superiors take over the search instead.

3. When Should You Complain?

Initially, you may be traumatized to complain. However, in the light of that incident, you must complain to the club authorities. You may even approach a wrongful termination lawyer or a lawyer with fair expertise to sue the club.

4. Can the Clubs Throw You Out?

Yes, all the nightclubs can throw you out when you are abusive, too drunk, or simply when they do not like your attitude. Consult with a wrongful termination lawyer or a nightclub lawyer to help you file a case against a nightclub.

5. What if You Possess Illegal Stuff?

First, the nightclubs do not have law enforcement officers to conduct a basic search. If they catch you and your illegal stuff and wait for the police to arrive, take resort to the Fourth Amendment rights. As per this, they can search while you enter, but they are not cops.

Likewise, approach the club for a refund with a group of fellow club-goers. This will help in getting your money back if any show is canceled. Be aware of such laws, and you are sure to have fun at the nightclub with a peace of mind.

Ways to take cbd

Ways to take cbd

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is a cannabinoid that can be found in the hemp plant, a member of the cannabis plant family and its oil serves as an almost perfect alternative to most of the over-the-counter drugs a lot of us take. In fact, the vast majority of people in this age are now going for CBD products due to their high level of effectiveness. They are especially efficient when it comes to getting rid of chronic symptoms caused by conditions such as fractures, migraines, cancer and a host of others. In addition, CBD has proven to be a good product in terms of fighting restlessness, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, and lots more.

Now, there are several ways to take the product and they are listed below:

Ways to take cbd Spraying
Spraying is one of the most common ways of using this product. However, CBD nasal spray is believed to have the lowest concentration of the substance compared to other CBD products available. As a result of the spraying nature of the product, it tends to be hard to determine the actual content of the dosage. Even though nasal sprays are undoubtedly inconsistent, it is still recommendable to anyone that feels most comfortable applying the product through this method.

Apart from the nasal spray, inhalation is another way to take cbd. Interestingly, it seems to be the fastest and most effective way. This is because when inhaled, the substance goes directly into the bloodstream through the lungs. Generally, there are two means of inhaling cbd and they are vaping and smoking. Thus, inhaling requires you to get certain accessories such as a vaporizer, oil rig, dabber and the like.

Ways to take cbdIngestion
One more way to use cbd is through ingestion. It is also one of the most effective methods to use the substance. To do this, you can just add a few drops of CBD oil into your drinks or food. In addition, cbd edibles also come in the form of concentrates and capsules which can be easily used through ingestion. Capsules are especially ideal if you use them on a daily basis as supplements. Alternatively, you may consider making your own cbd edibles instead of buying pre-made ones but you must be careful of the amount of cbd oil you use in the process.

Application through Tinctures
Other than cbd edibles, the tinctorial application is one other effective means of taking CBD oil. To use cbd tinctures, what you are required to do in most cases is to place some drops of the product under the tongue and then wait for 30 seconds before you swallow. Indeed, not only has the method proved to be quite effective, but it has also shown to be discreet especially for calming some chronic pains with immediate effect.

Topical Application
You can also apply cbd in form of topicals. CBD topicals are used for skin application and we a lot of brands that are now putting CBD in their topical creams and it is welcome. This covers all forms of cream including salves, lotions, lip balms and a host of others.

Tips for Managing a Successful Night Club

Owning a night club can be one of the coolest businesses in the world. It is a business which offers entertainment at work which is hard to find in most of the corporative businesses. Night Clubs can be fun and games, and one can expect a great crowd (customers) who will be spending carelessly if they like the place. The revenue of a night club depends on several factors and understanding it is important for the success of the business. These tips will help you to know how to run a good nightclub and make regular profits. But before everything, you will need the right mindset to decide what kind of nightclub you really want to open.

Make an Identity

Why is your night club special? What makes it different from the night club on the other side of the street? These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself. The most successful nightclubs do not open on all days, which makes people want more of it. Start with two or three nights a week. Let people talk about you for the rest of the days till they can come back for more.

Set rules

Make your night club look more professional and not just someplace to crash for drinks. Have strict entry regulations. Do not let too many men inside your club or you will chase way your female crowd, which will reduce the male crowd too with time. Keep three male to five female ratios inside the club. Maintain a good environment inside the club and do not allow any insane activities at all, as it will create a bad image of the club instantly. You can also keep a dress code and high prices to have the right kind of people in the club.

Hire professional staff

Hire a professional and trained staff to keep your customers satisfied with your service. You will be dealing with high-class customers, and the staff should be able to provide the service they are used to in other clubs. Have a meeting with the staff every day to discuss what went wrong and what can be improved. The staff should be able to handle any kind of situation without stress as long as it is their responsibility.

Get the best stereo

A night club requires the best speakers and music before anything. Your crowd should always stay entertained with good music and quality food and beverages. Book good and known DJ’s who can play for your crowd. It will help in building your image, as people will know that you have good artists playing in your club.

Keep your best customers happy

Meet your customers and get to know them. Do not force your greetings on them. Try to create a good relationship with your regular customers by complimenting them with VIP services, complimentary drinks, meeting the artists. Your loyal customers are definitely your major sources on making profits, and you need to make sure that they are comfortable in your club.

Keep things fresh

Do not go out of fashion. Always implement new ideas to improvise your club’s services, ambience and entertainment. Expand your club to more floors and offer restaurant services and special party areas for VIP customers. Learn from your competitors and find out what is new that you can implement in your club as well.

Designing Your Venue

The venue when managing a nightclub means everything when it comes to inviting guests inside. Without the right look, feel or even meaning behind opening the doors, you’re guests will not be inspired, they will not be impressed and they will not want to stay. Consider tips for designing the venue and making it stand out when you feel that you could up the area a bit and design a new look for those guests to enjoy when they come for the night.

  • Less is better. You do not want to overload your area with too much stuff. You want large, open spaces and minimal items around. Keep chairs and comfortable sofas to the side, open the dance floor, keep the DJ off the floor and set up the bar to the side.
  • Go with a modern feel to the area. You can choose one to three bold, bright colors that work together and then place them throughout your venue. They should be on everything that is used within the space from the chairs to the walls and floors.
  • Do not have too much light throughout the venue. This can kill the mood. Soft, subtle light throughout the entire area is enough and you can then feel happy about not putting giant spotlights throughout the entire area.

According to statistics, the ambience throughout a nightlife venue means everything according to 79% of guests, while an additional 15% stated that without the ideal lighting or music; they would not want to stay. When designing the ideal space for your guests to hang out, make sure to take advantage of the various tips and tricks placed everywhere. Having themed nights gives you a chance to explore yourself, your venue and your capabilities for making a themed party one of the most exciting in the area. If you’re having a party, a large party, contact a paper or other news outlet so that they are able to provide coverage on the entire happening. This will also give you good publicity if it is a hit – so make sure that it is!

The Essentials Needed for Starting a Nightclub

Any entrepreneur will face and should accept a level of risk in any new business venture. Starting a nightclub, however, has anywhere between a 70 and 80 per cent failure rate within the first year. This is an uphill battle from the beginning that only the lionhearted and those experienced in at least a similar field should not attempt. Large sums of money and a dream alone will not lead to profitability and longevity. Serious thoughts of starting a nightclub should start from a vision, or concept to fill a niche in either a large crossover of demographics or leaning toward a segmented audience. Whatever idea sets the wheels in motion, it needs to be geared toward a focus group as a niche to be filled.

The days of the next club having more flashing lights and louder speakers are of a bygone period. There has to be reasons for repeat customers and those that join them. The club should stand out from the crowd. Carry that vision in choosing a location. The average club ranges in size between 3,500 and 7,000 square feet. The least expensive, and neighbourhood friendly venue would be an old club that closed and had no negative community backlash. Other successful reformed sites include warehouses and retired firehouses, among others. Zoning laws, security, and the easy access of desired patrons should be considered. Turning that dream into reality will involve careful planning on many fronts. The foundation is a detailed business plan. This plan will determine funding by either investors or banks.

They need to feel a level of comfort in even the smallest arenas. It will take either experience in the field, or assistance from a reliable source to complete this task in a favourable note. This extensive document should encompass everything from beginning capital needs to real continued operating expenses. The ability to obtain all licensing, permits and business insurance is necessary to bolster your case for financing, and a need to be met for any further consideration of your dream. Hiring contractors, suppliers, and staff should be done with great attention to reliability. The addition of a promoter can be usurped by a strong knowledge of marketing in this field. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of clientele is needed for not only starting a nightclub, but seeing it last. From the grand opening on, the success of this business entails a labor of many hours and lasting dedication.

Managing Your Nightclub Using Nightclub Software

In the growing and thriving nightlife and club industry of today, venue management software can be a huge help in organizing, advertising, and more. Nightclub Software can help seat more consumers as well as give instructions to staff and managers about the situation in the building. In today’s world, technology is a powerful tool used in a huge amount of applications in our daily lives. Nightclubs can take advantage of this with various softwares that help optimize their business and customers.

Using this technology can provide a very large advantage to a business and/or club. Some softwares can provide dynamic data such as real-time seating information and instructions. There are also opportunities to gather and store huge amounts of data about your customers and what they eat, drink and spend. Nightclub software can also help to manage employees.

It can help keep employees accountable for their actions on the job and reward them with commissions. Programs like UrVenue can monitor how much each table spent and which of your employees are most helpful. You can store metrics about which employee raises and commissions bring up sales and attendance. You can get graphed data regarding the general performance of staff.

The very same stored data can help you to target certain customers and/or tables. Nightclub software can be a very large help to market directly to the consumers that you want to. Targeted marketing can drive up sales and attendance. Dynamic calendars and planners will keep events, music, and performances in an easy-to-use and clear format to be easily managed and organized by venue staff. Some softwares allow for viewing on mobile devices, so management can be constantly updated about the status of their staff and customers and get real-time data on everything inside of the venue.

This software can be used as a promotional software for DJ’s to easily promote to venues. Content Management Systems (CMS) make it easy to upload immediately share any kind of content, be it photos, videos, slideshow, or music. POS software can be utilized to great effect in carrying out transaction in a quick and efficient way. Tax options can be configured as well as automatic price changes. Even bar displays and text integration on a CCTV are possible. Custom sales transaction display specifically for bars and nightclubs show specific totals to customers and staff. Nightclub software makes the running and operation of a nightclub faster and simpler in a large number of ways.

So You Want to Manage a Nightclub?

Does the thought of being in the midst of all the neon bring goose flesh to your arms, or send shimmies up and down your spine? If it does then maybe you were born to manage a Night club? If so, then you need to be armed with a bit of knowledge. You need to know what kind of preparation you will need to land the coveted position. Once you’ve made it, so to speak, what will it be like? There are many questions, and we may as well jump right in and get ready to manage a Night club. To begin with, you’re going to need education.

They are many facets to this business that you will have to think about you have to know how to motivate your people, you will need to understand Labor Laws that aren’t simple. You don’t want to be in court fighting law suit after a lawsuit. You will need an accounting background as well. Yes, you heard it, math, and not just any may we are talking about debits and credits and payroll.

This means those with the power to hire are looking for people with a 2 year associates degree. You are going to have to make an investment of time and money to land that management job. Your associates will have to be in Business Management, or Hospitality Management to manage a Night club. It will be that simple, and that complex. Will there be a pot of gold at the end of you rainbow. Well, that depends on how you look at things, but the breakdown falls out like this.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth the Night club Manager between 2012 and 2022 at 2% for all Foodservice Managers, and the mean of average salary will be approximately $53,130.00 for all Foodservice Managers. There other bright spots as well, as you should consider the following states have seen much higher annual salaries. New Jersey clocks in at $69,200.00, Rhode Island finds it Nigh club Managers pulling in $68,690.00, and New York, Virginia, and Nevada are looking at a round number of $67,000.00.

You are not staring at a million-dollar salary, but you will be learning how to run the next great Night Club, and then maybe just maybe you will own such a place, and then the sky just might be the limit.   Image courtesy of tvguide.com


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