Designing Your Venue

The venue when managing a nightclub means everything when it comes to inviting guests inside. Without the right look, feel or even meaning behind opening the doors, you’re guests will not be inspired, they will not be impressed and they will not want to stay. Consider tips for designing the venue and making it stand out when you feel that you could up the area a bit and design a new look for those guests to enjoy when they come for the night.

  • Less is better. You do not want to overload your area with too much stuff. You want large, open spaces and minimal items around. Keep chairs and comfortable sofas to the side, open the dance floor, keep the DJ off the floor and set up the bar to the side.
  • Go with a modern feel to the area. You can choose one to three bold, bright colors that work together and then place them throughout your venue. They should be on everything that is used within the space from the chairs to the walls and floors.
  • Do not have too much light throughout the venue. This can kill the mood. Soft, subtle light throughout the entire area is enough and you can then feel happy about not putting giant spotlights throughout the entire area.

According to statistics, the ambience throughout a nightlife venue means everything according to 79% of guests, while an additional 15% stated that without the ideal lighting or music; they would not want to stay. When designing the ideal space for your guests to hang out, make sure to take advantage of the various tips and tricks placed everywhere. Having themed nights gives you a chance to explore yourself, your venue and your capabilities for making a themed party one of the most exciting in the area. If you’re having a party, a large party, contact a paper or other news outlet so that they are able to provide coverage on the entire happening. This will also give you good publicity if it is a hit – so make sure that it is!