cbd and sex

Can CBD Make Sex Better?

Along with its other advantages, CBD can also help you greatly in making your sex life better. Experts suggest that ingesting a moderate amount of CBD will help you last longer in the bed, which will ultimately improve your relationship with your partner. The relation between CBD and sex is well known and many people are using it these days. Using CBD intimacy oil is the most recommended method in this regard. Let’s have a look how cannabidiol can make your sex experience better.

Role of CBD in affecting Libido:

cbd and sex

Inside our body, we have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which have tiny receptors in it. According to some researches, these receptors are present in the testicles as well as in the brains. These receptors can be activated by a series of reactions that are triggered by the consumption of cannabidiol. It results in an increased sexual urge, which is one of the main advantages of the CBD.

According to some researches CBD and sex have deep relation in between. Cannabidiol impacts the sexual performance positively by reducing anxiety. As many people are concerned about their performance on the bed, they can have anxiety, which reduces performance. Consuming CBD will reduce that anxiety hence increasing the sexual performance.

Tackling Erectile Dysfunction:
According to the study done by JCI Insight, a single dose of CBD can reduce blood pressure. This results in better blood flow in the whole body in general and in the penis, in particular, resulting in the long-lasting erection. This way, CBD can improve the performance on the bed.

cbd intimacy oil

Improved Lubrication:

CBD intimacy oil is considered as the most efficient oil in providing lubrication during sex. Inadequate lubrication can make sex painful. This drives the need to add a proper lubricant, which can make the sex less painful and more enjoyable. Numerous manufacturers are making cannabidiol lubricants solely for the purpose of using them in sex. Not only this, but many people have also been using the cannabidiol before sex just because it is anti-inflammatory in nature which can result in deep breathing, improving the sexual performance at the end of the day.

Increase the Sex drive:
According to the FMRI pilot study, CBD consumption arouses the part of the brain, which helps increase the sexual drive. As your sexual drive increases, you will be able to enjoy sex more.

cbd intimacy oil

Making you more confident:
If you are a regular consumer of the cannabidiol, using it before sex should be a must thing to do. Ignoring it can result in depression, which ultimately impacts the sex.

Consuming cannabidiol will have a pleasant thing, and it will ultimately improve your experience in the bed. Having cannabidiol has many advantages, and better sexual performance is just one of them. Never ignore this vital ingredient from your sexual life as it can transform your experience completely. Whether you are using CBD intimacy oil, or the CBD edible, having it will give you completely different insight and you will be able to perform well on the bed.