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Is CBD Oil Effective for Workouts?

The use of cannabis continues to grow in status as a big and emerging global commodity and in its vast applications and use to cure lots of ailments and illnesses. But the big question remains: How do you take CBD oil compounds? I have seen many people struggle with the various options and methods that CBD intake offers. If you desire to know the best intake method for you, you should read this article to the end.

Main methods for the intake of CBD in the body

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Inhalation of the CBD: by smoking or the use of vaping pens
Intake of CBD oil by inhalation is the fastest way to get CBD oil into your body system; it takes less than 20 minutes for CBD effects to fill your system. If drugs are inhaled, they are assimilated straight in the brain, and this lead to a shorter time for effect. This makes it useful for acute pains and illnesses.

Smoking or vaping
Inhalation of CBD oil can be done by either vaporizing with vaping pens or by smoking. As there are many health conditions caused by smoking, CBD vaping is proving a better option of CBD inhalation. CBD vaping when compared to smoking has a shorter effect time, but allows higher absorption into the body system.

Blending CBD substances in foods or taking them as capsules

This method includes mixing CBD oil or capsules in your food or taking them alone. Ingested material or food passes from the intestines to the liver to be metabolized, so this method can take up to 2 hours before the effects of CBD is felt in the body.

Intake of CBD through edibles provides the longest effect periods of CBD in the human body when compared to other method of intake.

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By placing them sublingually or through oral mucosal tinctures
This method involves the use of droppers containing CBD oil; it absorbs the oil directly into the bloodstream of the body through capillary-rich areas that are present under the tongues in the gums and the cheeks. This method is quite faster than chewing or ingesting the CBD product as edibles, as they don’t follow normal digestive passages, and effects from the CBD commences in 15-30 minutes.

By Topical application
This is the most popular and the easiest method of CBD intake, and involves the use of ointments and rubs. In this method, CBD is not absorbed by the bloodstream, but by the affected area. Though the terpenes (non-psychoactive acids) might increase skin permeation, the absorption rate into the blood stream is negligible. CBD intake by Topical method produces the mildest effect of all consumption methods and the effects fade as quickly as it comes.

Also, there are other methods of CBD intake into the body. But they fall into one or more categories of the methods listed above (transdermal, water soluble, etc.).


Intake of CBD oil and product is mostly a personal experience. So it is difficult to determine which method can be tagged the common “best”. The efficacy of CBD in the human body will differ from person to person. In fact, separate medical studies that have tagged each of the method above as the best method at different times and with different applications. So your best bet is to go through trial and error (in smaller dosages). And discover which method works best for your body system.